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Just $5 for responsive TF Social Share Plugin


The free plugin has all the features except the most critical one. This premium hack will enable the plugin to be responsive when the screen size is smaller. The left floating bar will overlap on the contents when the screen size is small. This can be irritating for your site readers. This premium plugin hack will ensure that the vertical bar becomes horizontal when the screen size reduces.

With just a one time donation of $5, you can make a hell lot of difference to the user experience to your site. If it does not work for your site then we will return the entire amount back.

TF Social share Premium Plugin
TF Social share Premium Plugin

Plugin Features

TF Social Share - Responsive design

Responsive Design

Responsive feature to move the left floating bar as horizontal when the screen size reduces. This works well on mobile devices and tabs. This will ensure that the floating bar does not interfere with the site contents. Exclusive feature for this version of plugin.

TF Social Share - Fast and Efficient

Fast, Lightweight and Efficient

Light weight, fast loading plugin. No javascripts used for responsive design. All the scripts are loaded in footer. This is the most efficient way to load scripts for social share buttons. This will make sure that your site contents are loaded first and the script loading do not interfere with them

TF Social Share - Flexible and Agile

Flexible and Agile

Flexibility to display the social bar in three different positions – Left Floating, Top of the post or Bottom of the post. You can also choose the background color of your bar to match with your theme.

TF Social share plugin - Multi site option

Multi Site License

When you make one time donation, you will be able to use the plugin on any number of sites you are hosting without paying anything additional for each installation.

TF Social Share Plugin - Free future upgrades

Free Future Upgrades

Free future improvements and upgrades. You need not pay for any new futures added to the plugin in future.

TF Social Share Plugin - Stable Plugin

Plugin Stability

Our Plugin is running for more than 3 years and is stable. We put lot of efforts in testing and developing our plugin so it does not break your site with any upgrade.

TF Social Share - Full Refund if you are not happy

Full Refund if unhappy

If this updated version does not work for your site then we will return the donated amounted back without asking any questions.

FAQs on TF Social Share Plugin

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