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Apple cleverly experimented with first iPad by not giving away too much to the consumers so that they can launch iPad 2 in a year’s time. So here it is, iPad 2 has hit the markets globally last week. A slimmer, lighter version with a few additions like a front camera to promote its video calling feature, Facetime and a back camera to record HD videos. A faster processor and improved graphics card to satisfy game and video enthusiasts. We think that’s where the good news ends.

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Finally, the wait is over. Apple Ipad 2 has been launched amidst much anticipation and hype surrounding the new features that the upgrade will bring. Any surprises..Not really!! Yes, Apple has made few additions but at the same time made sure they have enough up their sleeves for enticing customers for iPad3, when it is launched in 2012. Apple seems to be releasing the features in installments to keep the exciting in the products alive.

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Before we start this article, we must confess that we love Apple products just like millions of other Apple fans. We think they look really cool and are indeed one of the best gadgets ever produced with their innovative design and revolutionary software. But what is more intriguing is why is it so much popular and successful among all the generations of gadget users? Why people choose iPad when there are other alternatives out there in market which have better features than iPad?

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Google has announced a new modern next-generation user interface for Blogger in 2011. They have promised better interface for users with modern web technology and most importantly it is developed using Google Web Tool Kit. In a short video released by Blogger, they display some of the new features being introduced in the new version. After looking at the screenshots for the new Blogger, I believe they are trying to match the user interface provided by WordPress.

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Last year google caffeine was rolled out all over the world which focused more on “freshness” of the results. It tried to minimise the effect of black hat SEO to an extent but major focus was on “Live” search. The algorithm to target the content farms was in infant stage at that point and now that it is fully developed, it has been implemented in US to start with. Rest of the world still have to wait till it comes into effect. Its just a matter of time.

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