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I bet you must have tried different plugins to display related posts. But I am not sure why they have made it so complicated and come up with various algorithm. All I wanted was a simple, fast, efficient related post code that will display posts from same category with thumbnails. So I decided to write it myself and try to keep it as efficient as possible. Page load time is one of the factor in improving your PR after the Google Panda update. But at the same time, I wanted the related posts display to be pleasing to the visitors of my site. So here it is now I have shared with you all so that you can use the same for your wordpress site.

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Some days back I wrote a Plugin for Related post by category with thumbnail option for WordPress users. Then I bought this brilliant Thesis Theme which has so many out of the box hooks to work with. Thesis has always recommended not to use plugins as they tend to slow down the site loading time. This being one of the important factor especially after the Google Panda update. So here is the ultimate code to show related posts by category with thumbnail option for Thesis Theme smart users. I am using the same code on my site to display related posts and it works wonder for me.

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Google Wonder Wheel is not something new introduced by Google but is hidden tool in Google search since 2009. I bet very few people must have used this wonderful tool before to its full potential. For those unaware of this tool, it’s a brilliant tool by Google which displays semantic relationship between keywords in a graphical form (similar to what we do in mind mapping). The related keywords are displayed with your search term as the core and each surrounding keyword can be explored individually leading to multi-level relationship. This tool can be used effectively to build your site structure, identify keywords for your site and also come up with new ideas to write posts.

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Planning to buy a new laptop? What will you be looking for? Faster boot time, freedom from annoying updates pop up, relief from virus threat and updating your anti-virus, unlimited storage space and most importantly the one that suits your budget and save you some money without compromising on the benefits. This is exactly why Google Chromebooks are invented. Really light , sleek laptops running on Chrome OS with inbuilt WiFi/3G. The much awaited Chromebooks were launched in the two days mega event Google I/O and will hit retailers on June 15th. Chromebooks will be a revolution and is believed to give fierce competition to Microsoft Windows OS and Apple Macbook.

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Search results have changed drastically over past decade. Thanks to endless efforts by big search giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They are always on their toes and try to come up with innovative methods to curb spam and content farms to display quality links in the search results. Though the algorithms for page ranking have changed over period of time, the core product still remains the same. All we get is the links to the answers we are looking for and not the actual answers.

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