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SearchTechWord as the name suggest will mainly focus on Search Engine Optimisation, Latest Technology updates and WordPress related Tips and Plugins.

Online Marketing has been a major driving force for any business to succeed. SEO is one of the way to achieve the goal by reaching out to more customers for your product or site. We will try our best to keep you updated with high quality in-depth articles about latest happenings in the field of SEO.

Technology is like an abyss, with new inventions almost everyday. At SearchTechWord we will try to keep you updated (to an extent) with latest technology updates mostly related to few big players like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook.

WordPress is the most popular open source web development kit in the market. It gives you much more flexibility in the design and development of the website and is very user friendly. At SearchTechWord, we will provide you with useful development tips for your website using wordpress. We will try to write some useful plugins for wordpress and also suggest some existing plugins available to enhance your website.

Any suggestions from the readers are welcome to improve this site. Hope the contents on this site are useful and help you gain some insight.

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