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Guest Post – Can’t Bloggers Do SEO for their Own Blog? They can – But How?

How many of the website owners get too tensed about their site SEO? We think it is better left to the professionals to do the SEO rather than trying at home. But Self-help is the best. It prepares you to face any odds. It helps you learn better and gain confidence. Most importantly it is always free and self-satisfactory.

If you own a blog that needs a little bit of SEO there is nothing convincing than you do it yourself.  I mean if your blog is not meant for only commercial purposes and you can afford at least an hour per day for it, there is much you can do.

How? Of course you are not going to attend SEO training classes or read hundreds of training manual for it. Hiring a dedicated SEO professional for promoting a personal blog won’t be a good deal too. Whatsoever you want results similar to what experts can do.

SEO simple tips

Worried whether it is feasible or not?

Before you think too high of advanced level SEO get your grounds on solid.

Following are a few simple tips to help you take right steps.

Avoid the myths first

  • Who says you need to pour money to get organic traffic for your blog?
  • Who says you should buy a bunch of SEO tools to build backlinks for it?
  • Who says you need continuous help from designers, developers and other SEO experts to find success?

If you are little serious to what is happening around this SEO industry, have the guts to test your present skills, doing SEO is as simple as blogging to you. Smart people are always productive during crisis.

Know what does not work:

I am sure there are 1000s of tools and resources available on web. Just type in Google – “Online SEO Tips”,” SEO Tutorial” or search in You Tube videos. There is N number of articles and presentations to make you understand best SEO practices. Even there is no dearth of experts giving you advises in depth.

Most of them talk sense but not all are equally affordable. Either they are time-consuming or so vast that you get lost on the way of doing it of your own. Time is crucial so you need to optimize every minute of your effort.  Being smart and productive is the only way to succeed.

Remember there is no limit to do the best. You need to take a route that is feasible and sounds worthy. SEO is more of a regular and disciplined practice.  You need to learn how to search and filter available sources.

The mantra is – Never regard yourself anything less than experts

Be mentally prepared:

SEO is not something that only professionals or webmasters can practice for their business websites. Even an amateur blogger can also make a decent effort. It does not matter whether you are a non-technical person or you have time constraints. Even a casual blogger can expect people finding his blog in Google SERPs for popular yet competitive keywords.

Yes, you need to believe on your abilities. How good it is when Google introduces you to millions of unique visitors?  It is challenging but rewarding too.

Develop confidence

A little but sincere effort and regularity can do wonders. If you are sure what are the tasks to accomplish and how quick it can be done rest are just the formalities. Genuine inquisitiveness, ability to optimize resources and highly-focused plan – are the secret of online marketing.

Opportunities are GOLD only when you give it a try. Make sure you have no inhibitions of what you are doing.

Your main job starts now!

Before we head on with the job specifications and timelines, initial things need to be in place. First 1 or 2 months should be utilized on research based work only.  Only 1 hour per day is good enough for this information cultivation. This is the time you need to be more patient and focused.

Following could be the part of your R&D –

Know your blog objectives first:

It is a priority that determines all courses of actions. Have full confidence on why you are promoting this blog. Remember there is no better than you who know the secret. Your job is just to convey the same thoughts to your target readers. Make sure you are clear in your approach and don’t change it occasionally.

Decide you approach:

There are two things to do .Either you compel readers to think what you have in mind. Or match your activities to their frequency. Creating comfort level with your audience is the ultimate goal. SEO follows thereafter once you are done with these basics.

  1. Note down the essentials
  • Write down the terms that describe your blog best and your objectives too. Keep it simple within few words only.
  • Find out common keywords or phrases against which people may search and get your blog in search engines.
  • Write down the specialties your blog has.
  • Think how sociable your blog is to your readers.
  • List down categories you are going to cover in your blog
  • Prepare a draft with all these points in a word document. Keep editing until you get the final copy.
  • Take time but don’t stretch this exercise over a couple of week or so.

Thus you have the blue print of SEO work ready with you. I am sure you can guess what I am talking about.  This master copy is the key to your next line of actions. Better the master plan you prepare quicker and easier is the rest functions.

So what we have not covered yet? Obviously, the steps of doing SEO – the reasons for you to read this post

Never mind I need to take a break here. A lot has been told just to make you realize the fact that Bloggers can be good SE marketers too.  Although the main lines of actions are still pending here.  I will continue this discussion in my next post.  There you will see how to prepare a daily chart for the job and how to utilize that one hour productively.

Have anything to share with me?  My name is Sanat Singha a professional blogger, currently working as a project leader (Content) in a reputed SEO company. I would love to hear from all my blogging mates. Till I prepare the next continuing post for you, keep visiting my blog Websigmas.com. Here you will see latest web marketing tips and tools, internet marketing articles and blogging tips.

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