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How To Unlock Profile Photo on Facebook

Facebook!!! How we always wish to see pictures of those who are not in our friends list. With facebook security settings, one can block others from viewing their profile picture.

But here is a workaround to see the locked profile picture in full size. It works!!!

Step 1

Go to the desired profile and right click on the profile image and open in new tab.

How to unlock facebook profile photos

How to Unlock Facebook Profile Photo

Step 2

Now observe the URL carfully. It will look something like this


 Step 3

Delete the bold part from the above link and reopen the new URL now. So the new URL should look something like this.


And that’s it!!! You should now see a full size profile picture in a new window.

Enjoy exploring till facebook fixes this one :)

PS: This does not work with latest version of internet explorer :)

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