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FAQ for WordPress Plugin – Twitter Facebook Google plus one Social Share

I know its bit late but its always better late than never. I hope it is of some help for you guys. If these FAQs does not answer your query then please don’t hesitate to drop a line or two on the “About” page. I will try to respond as soon as possible. Most of the below issues might have been fixed in later versions of the plugin but have been included just in case.

How to disable the plugin on specific pages?

  • Edit the post for which you want to disable.
  • Click on Screen options on top (next to help tab) and click on Custom Fields. This will add extra option at the bottom of edit post titled Custom Fields.
  • Add a new custom field now.
       name: disable_social_share
       value: yes
  • Update the post and you are done.

How to use Shortcode to display plugin on specific pages/post?

Shortcode is available out of the box and you can use this in any specific page/post you want to display the plugin. All the Plugin settings will apply even if you use Shortcode. So the position of the plugin can be set using plugin settings.

FAQ for WordPress Plugin - Twitter Facebook Google Plus one Social Share

FAQs for the TFG Social Share Plugin

How to use manual code to display plugin?

To manually place the code in single.php or page.php, you can use the below code. Please note that if you are not accustomed to edit the .php file then please do not use this option. This is only for experienced users.

<?php if(function_exists('kc_add_social_share')) kc_add_social_share(); ?>

 My facebook like count does not increase. It is always zero even if someone likes it?

For some reason facebook is unable to crawl your particular page and hence the like works for some post and does not work for some.

The workaround for this is to put the link of the post that does not work here


At the end of the result, click the like button and if it works then your problem is sorted. Go back to your site and the like for that post should be working again.

Twitter and Google +1 buttons are not displayed and instead just a Tweet text is displayed?

Your theme does not support loading of script in the footer.

Every theme which supports WP 2.8+ should support wp_footer function but looks like your theme didnt take care of that.

Easy workaround is to go to plugin settings and disable the “Load javascript in footer” and that should resolve your issue.

But if you are worried about load time of your page then you need to manually add this below one line in your theme’s footer.php

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

My site shows “Tweet” text at the beginning of each excerpt on home page?

The “tweet” word issue is really weird. If you are using any cache plugin then try clearing the cache and see if that helps.

Delete any other social plugins you might have disabled on your site.

If nothing works then the best option is to use manual code to display the social share bar.

How to disable the plugin on the “feature Post” (Twenty Eleven theme) or Sticky Post?

  • Edit the tf_display.php (can do through dashboard->plugins->editor)
  • Search for kc_twitter_facebook function.
  • For global variable declared in that function add $post. It should look like this after edit.
global $single, $post;
  • In that function, insert the below statement before $output = kc_social_share(‘auto’).
if (( is_sticky($post->ID)) && ($filter == 'excerpt'))
		 	return $content;

I guess that’s an exhaustive list. If this does not answer your query then please drop me a message and I will try and help you.

Hope you are enjoying the plugin and it is helping your site to grow. Keep Blogging.

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