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WordPress Plugin: Add Twitter Facebook Google Plus One Social Share

I wont start with why you want social share buttons on your site. The fact that you are looking for such plugin itself explains that you want one for your site and well know the importance of social sharing to your site. So let me come straight to the point and tell you what this plugin will provide you and how it is unique from other zillions of similar plugins available. If you have any issues, please drop a comment on About page. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

This plugin is the most efficient way to integrate the important social share buttons like twitter, facebook like, google +1 (plus one) and stumbleupon in three different position and styles.


Wordpress plugin - Add twitter facebook google plus one social share button

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Key Features of Twitter Facebook Google Plus One Social Share

    1. Automatically display the social share buttons Above the post, below the post, both above and below or floating left side of post. Manual display option available.
    2. Flat/Round border style with/without background color. All easily configurable through settings.
    3. Javascript is by default loaded in footer (recommended). This is the most efficient way to load scripts for social share buttons. This will make sure that your site contents are loaded first and the script loading do not interfere with them. Also site loading speed is better by doing so which is an important criteria for SEO. Option to load the script in header as well, if you wish to.
    4. Left side floating option is the latest trend these days. The top and left spacing can be configured according to your site layout. Using simple CSS and not ajax for better performance. Also floating bar can be fixed on that position or absolute and can be configured easily through settings.

So What Is Different and Unique in this Plugin

The biggest selling point of this plugin is the placing of javascript in the code which are required by this social share buttons. The biggest sin most of the developers do is place the call to script where they display the plugin or load the javascript in header.

Now the most important information on the page are your contents, so why should the javascript loading taking precedence over your contents?

In this plugin, all the JavaScript required for social share buttons is loaded in the footer, so that it does not interfere with the loading of contents on your site. This keeps your page loading time to optimum, which is a must after Google Panda update.

The most efficient Thesis Theme for WordPress also loads javascript in the footer. It is the best wordpress theme I have come across so far.

Another plus point is simple, easy configuration of the display options. I tried other similar plugins and was put off by the complicated settings they had for the plugin. So made a conscious effort to keep it simple here.

The floating left side bar in this plugin is really cool and is written in simple CSS with no ajax use. So this does not affect your page loading time by keeping it to simple CSS code.

I am sure many of you will complain that why I am not giving option to display all the social share available. But I believe, there is no point in showing all the options when hardly anyone uses it. Also more the number of options displayed, more the loading of JavaScript on each page (every social share button as its own javascript).

If you see most of the successful sites, they use only this basic and most important social share options which are responsible for driving maximum traffic to your site.

So at the moment, I have important 4 social share buttons. In future I might consider adding couple of more based on the demand by you guys.

So don’t forget to drop in a comment or two and share your site link after using this plugin. Also share your concerns and issues here and I am there to help you.

FAQs for TFG Social Share Plugin


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  • Is there a way to change the Twitter share to show “Via @Freesamplemomma” instead of directing to you?

    • Already added a new field in Settings to specify your twitter id. Please download the latest version of plugin.

  • Thanks for this wonderful plugin. I will use it in all my blogs. It’s simple and elegant. Thanks for the good work Kunal!

    • Thanks Babasa for your kind words!! Really appreciate.

  • It’d be cool if you can add Digg, Google Buzz and have it automatically feed new posts to facebook. Nice plugin. Love how fast it is. My page load time is 1.7 seconds.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I will try and include more options in the next release. I liked the idea of automatically feeding new posts to facebook.
      Loading speed was the main reason to write this plugin. Still dont understand why all the plugin writers load javascript in the head…

  • Very, very nice plugin. I like how it looks when configured as a floating bar on the left, at the very edge of the window. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use it, since for small window widths it blocks the main content in my blog. (The left margin on my Wordpress theme shrinks to nothing, causing the bar to cover part of the page content.) My recommendation: 1) Find a way to hide the plugin when the window is narrower than a certain, user-configurable width or 2) add a small button to collapse the toolbar by clicking on it (a minimize button). (Option 1 would be much better.)

    • Thanks Andres for your feedback. I am currently working on the same and trying to find a way out to hide the floating left bar when the screen size is smaller. Will try to include in my next release.

      • Great plugin! I am having the same problem with the box covering the content in smaller windows. I’ve had a couple of my visitors ay they could not view the post because of the box. Hope you can figure a way to hide the box in smaller screens. For now I have moved it to the bottom of post. But I love the plugin. Thank you very much for creating it!

  • Hey Kunal,

    Think you’ve done a great job with this posting dude ! The plug-in looks cool & interesting with incredible features ! !

    I’m so grateful to you for this useful sharing & for your effort, Keep rocking with more good postings ever : )

    • Thanks Karthik for the feedback.. You too have a great site..

  • hello Kunal,

    Very nice plugin. I’m using it at the moment on my website. However when someone one click “like” it goes back to “0”. It doesn’t count. Same thing happen with tweet and +1.

    Can you explain why? and is there a way out of it

    • Hi Ali,
      Thanks for using my plugin. The count display is not immediate and it takes time to update. Its the default feature of the respective site (twitter, facebook and google). Its nothing to do with plugin and we have no control over the script provided by them.
      I can see some of your post are now showing the count. So wait for some time and check if they are updated.
      Let me know if you need any more help.

  • Hi,

    Great looking plugin but I am unable to use it with my theme. My theme is an event calendar and uses special custom posts for the events. When I activate the plugin, I do not the buttons appear on the external site. I’m assuming this because of the way these posts have been coded by the theme designer. Do you know of a simple fix? Thanks.

    • Hi Paul,
      I am not sure what exactly is the issue. Is it some of the buttons are not displayed or nothing is displayed at all?


  • Wonderful plugin and excellent support . I had some problems implementing it due to some specifics of the theme I am using and the plugin`s author suggested a workaround – thanks to it now the plugin works as a charm.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Really appreciate!!

  • Love this plugin, thanks! I do have one feature request and that is to allow us to also include it on pages, as well as posts. Thanks again for a great plugin!

    • Thanks Donna!! Your request will definitely be added in next release of this plugin. Wont take long to get that released. Couple of others have made similar request, so will add it in next release.

      • Tony

        That will be excellent, I’ve been using the facebook like count on my most popular pages as something of a social proof when new readers land. Having that like count up there is super important for me.

        Love the plugin so far

        • Thanks Tony!! I am glad the plugin is serving your purpose. More features are coming soon.

  • Hi Kunal,

    I have downloaded your plugin and it should be active. However, none of the social share buttons are showing up on my site.
    I have played around with the settings but still nothing.

    Do you know why this would occur? And what the best solution maybe to remedy the situation?

    I think this plugin would be the best thing around regarding social share buttons but only if the buttons would show up.

    Thank you,


    • Hey Doug,

      Thanks for downloading my plugin. I visited your site and I could see all the buttons on your site. You have not enabled stumbleupon I guess. But I can see all the other 3 buttons.

      Also you have edited the twitter display to vertical instead of horizontal and hence it is not in the assigned area of the bar.

      Also this Social share plugin currently will be displayed only in posts and not on static pages and home page.

      The next release of this plugin will have the option to display on static and home pages. That is scheduled in next week.

      Hope that helps..

      Best Regards,

      • Hi Kunal,

        I am not sure how you can see the buttons. I still cannot see any of the Social Share buttons. I’ve checked using Firefox v.5 and IE.
        Also, I do not see any setting to alter the Twitter button from vertical to horizontal.

        I’ve set the buttons to show at the top of each post and to exclude the Stumbleupon button only.

        I’ve tried all settings. Above the post, below the post, both, and the left side of the post and still nothing.



        • Hey Doug, I have emailed you the screenshot. Please see and let me know.

  • Hi, I would like to know if I can modify the style of the buttons.

    • Hey Sebarey, at the moment I have not given the option to change the style of button. For above and below post display, the style of count is horizontal by default. And for left side floating it is vertical.
      The whole purpose of this being, horizontal take min space and hence wont occupy imp part of your content. On left floating, the horizontal style wont look good at all.
      But I might include some configuration to change the style in future.

  • Liking this plugin, using it with Thesis 1.8 wouls like to see it on pages not just on posts

    • Hi Jules, Thanks for using the plugin. I will be writing a separate post soon for using this social share options in Thesis 1.8 without using a plugin. Will let you know once that is done.

  • Hi Kunal, love the plugin, thank you. I wondered, with the release today of the ability to track social engagement with Google Analytics, do you have plans to update the plugin to allow this? I’m just about to publish an article on the new feature 🙂

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for the kind words. Just read the article about ability to track social engagement. Thanks for suggesting the same. I might consider adding that feature in this plugin.

  • My search ends here 🙂 This is the best ever social share plug-in with easy configuration and high visibility.

  • Tweets are working, but not registering in the counter. It says zero even days after the page has been tweet’d several times. The website in question is linked to my name if you want to take a look at it.

  • Nick C.

    Great thanks!

    Is it possible to make the Facebook like show zero likes instead of just a blank field?

    And when you’re using the plugin above the post, without borders, then how about a feature, so you could either center or make it to the right?

    • When you facebook like to show zero, I am assuming it is for top of the post or bottom of the post display. Thats the default behaviour of like button provided by facebook and we have no control over it. When there is min 1 like then only the count os displayed for horizontal style.
      If you want the zero count to be displayed then vertical style is the only option.

      Floating left or right when no border is a good idea. Will add that option in next release. Should be done by this weekend.

      Thanks Nick for dropping a comment.

  • Hi Kunal,

    Great plugin, just what I was after.

    My only suggestions for future updates are:

    1) Border color options
    2) Allow the ‘Below the post’ placement to be shown on the front page.


    • Hi Liam,

      Points noted. Will try and work out on the same in upcoming release..
      2nd point is definitely coming in next release. Most likely this weekend when I get some free time 🙂

      Thanks for using the plugin.


  • Great plugin. I noticed when I first loaded it I had the Facebook icon and a plain text “tweet” listed in the bar. By changing the javascript to the header instead of the footer it started working perfectly. I built my own theme, what piece am I missing in the footer to allow it to load the Javascript there instead of only in the header?

    Second question… On my main blog view it shows all of the posts in order (most recent on top of course)… but the share icons only show up when you view an individual post. Was that by design? I’m not sure I would use them the other way but seems like it would be a good option. I know it would take extra work, each button would have to be tied directly to the post it was a part of, probably too much work?

    • Hi Dan,

      The reason javascript is not loaded in footer for you is that your theme does not support it. Every theme after 2.8 version is suppose to support the wp_footer function. But some themes do miss them.

      Just add the below one line in yout footer.php
      <?php wp_footer(); ?>

      This should allow you to load the script in footer.

      Currently the plugin is designed only to show on single post. This makes sense as on home page there are more than 1 post and the left floating bar for each of them would be difficult to configure and it wont look good as well.

      I am planning to add the option of showing it on home and single pages but only above and below the post and not the left floating (single pages will have left floating option).

      Hope that helps..

      • I figured it would be something as simple as adding an easy fix! Thanks so much for the quick reply.

        And your comments on the home page functionality are right on, above and below would be the only options that make sense. And like I mentioned, I’m not even sure I would end up using them on the home page, it would be kind of repetitive, but if I show the full posts on the front page and most people read them there, they likely would never see the buttons at all since they don’t click to view single posts.

  • hi. this is a really cool plug in, you have created almost exactly what I’m looking for. my only question is this. is there a way to switch out the facebook like button with a facebook share button? I am an seo and I have seen stronger correlation data supporting shares over likes.

    • Hi Bryant, I was thinking about adding facebook share along with like.. Now that you have given strong reason, I will add it in next release. Thanks for using the plugin.

      • thanks kunal, I really appreciate you doing that for us. I look forward to the update.

  • Great plugin. I have it floating on the left side of my blog.
    I’d love to get the same look also working on the rest of my site as well (it’s a hand coded php site). Is that possible?

    • Thanks Mike, I didnt quite understand what is your requirement. Is it that you want the buttons to display on static pages and home page as well?

  • Hi I use the Journalist theme and have installed a “Twitter Facebook Social Share” plugin for my blog posts. I followed the installation procedure and it says the plugin was installed correctly and activated but I don’t see any evidence on my blog when I view it. Knowing plugins can be tricky I deleted it and re-installed it but still no joy, any ideas how to get it working?

    • Hi Simon, Thanks for using the plugin. Currently the plugin is supported for only single post. So if you click on any post, you should see the social buttons. I can you you have just configured 2 social share buttons with left floating option and I can see the same without any issue.

      Regarding the display on home page, I will release a new version this weekend which will have that option too. Hope that helps.

  • Kunal, thanks for the fantastic plugin. It adds the vital sharing buttons with out spamming the hell out of the page like other plugins do. This is just what I was looking for.

    • Thanks Nicholas!! I am glad you liked it.

  • Hi Kunal,

    Facebook button is working, but twitter says twitter.com/share. I’ve manually uploaded 1.0.2 and it still says its 1.0.0 on the plugin management page.


    • Hi Marty,
      Thanks for using the plugin. Dont worry much about the version displayed. You have downloaded the correct files.
      The problem is with your theme as it has no support for wp_footer fuct (ideally all themes for 2.8+ version should support that function).
      2 Solutions for this.

      1. Easy one.. Disable “Load script in footer”. This should resolve the issue.
      2. This involves adding one line code to footer.php (in your theme folder)

      <?php wp_footer(); ?>

      This should resolve your issue. Hope that helps.

      Best Regards,

  • Oh, I forgot I’ve got Autoptimize plugin, which shoots all java to the footer (among other things). Deactivated that (probably don’t need it anyway – not too complex of a blog site.

    Looks great!! Thanks!! Donation forthcoming.

    • Hey Marty, I am glad it worked for you. New release coming soon which will have option to display the buttons on home page and also on single static pages. Thanks.

  • Donation is made.

    • Hey Marty, Thanks a lot for the contribution. Really appreciate..

  • Pierre

    Hi Kunal,

    First off, congrats for this GREAT plugin. Nice job, really!

    A couple of (stupid?) remarks & questions, though:

    1. I’m wondering why you don’t put all the CSS in a stylesheet, which would make it much easier to edit (and to minify).

    2. Do you plan to give the ability to show/hide counts in the admin?

    3. Same question for the dimensions of the Box.

    4. As many, I’d love to show your Box on pages.
    What’s the best way to do it before you add this to the next version. I’m using the Headway Theme, so including a piece of code anywhere is very easy, thanks to their…”Easy Hooks”.

    Thanks in advance!

    All the best,


  • Hey, I updated the plugin this morning and now when I select show on home page, the button shows up inside each posts excerpt. It works fine per single post just not on my home page. I am using a float on left option set.

    • Hi Brandon, I forgot to mention in settings that left float is not feasible on home page, category, tag and archive pages. Since home page always have more than one post, the left floating cant be configured. So the only option available for home page is “Above” or “Below” the post contents.

  • Bro very nice article thnx

  • Great plugin!
    Seems like Firefox is blocking the pop-up window for Facebook when I’m not logged in.

  • Hi Kunal,

    Great plugin. I’m from Denmark and the Danish version of the Facebook button is quite wide. At the moment it ruins the look of your buttonbox.


  • Really nice plugin, I am using this on all my niche blogs!

  • Pierre

    @Jonathan Black For smaller screens -or even for people who don’t maximize their window-, a quick-and-dirty workaround is to set the z-index of the #leftcontainerBox to -1:

    #leftcontainerBox {
    z-index: -1;

    This way, the container goes under the main content, i/o hiding it…
    At least it works with my theme.

    Give it a shot or experiment with Firefox+Firebug add-on.



    • Pierre, this is brilliant. Thanks for pointing it out. I will include it in the next release. You might want to share your website link here, would love to give you credit for this…

      • I tried the above suggestion but alas it does not work. When I try z-index:-1; the entire box disappears.I also tried z-index: -1; but still the box disappears. Only way I can get the box to show is with the original coding which of course is not working with small windows. I will continue playing with the code 🙂

        Thanks for a great plugin though and thanks to Pierre for the suggestion.

    • Than you very much!

  • Pierre

    @Kunal: FYI, “liketext” is not wide enough in french: it shows only “J’aim” i/o “J’aime”.
    Great, anyway, keep it up!


    • Yes I did realise when I got couple of emails regarding the same. I will try and include a setting for width and height of buttons. So that can be configured as per ones requirement. Thanks again for all the feedback..

  • GIl

    HI ,
    Great plugin , exacly what I was looking for.
    Fit’s my theme collors perfectly and I wrealy want to use it. But after I activate it all content inside post gets shiftted by 20cm down and you need to scrool down to read it.
    Can you advise what can I do to fix it ?

  • Pierre

    Hi Kunal,

    I’m glad this little CSS “trick” helps but, again, it’s a “quick-and-dirty” one, if only because it means no box will be (fully) displayed on smaller screens or windows.

    It’s better than nothing but I think it would be better that you write (or find…) a function to change the Box position from left to top and/or bottom when the width of the window is under a (user-?)defined value. Don’t you think?

    Thanks for your offer to give me “credit” by pointing to my website but 1. I’m currently re-designing it and 2. It’s in french (which doesn’t prevent it from receiving a little bit of “google juice” but…anyway, no big deal, really! It’s my pleasure.



  • Brian Matiash

    First off, I really want to thank you for putting together the exact type of social plugin that I was hunting for. It fits the bill quite nicely.

    I have a few requests, though, and I hope they are easy to implement if you feel that they make sense:

    1. Ability to turn on/off counts for Twitter (or maybe all of the social media channels)
    2. Ability to support other URL shortening services (ideally Bit.ly with tracking via API key)
    3. Ability to customize the pre-formatted twitter message that gets generated when clicking on the Twitter icon

    Other than that, again, this is a genius plugin. Thanks much for your work!


  • CFA

    Thanks Kunal for this lovely plugin. Please consider adding a linkedin button in your next release….. linked is growing in size and influence. Keep up the good work sir!

  • kunal

    great plugin. getting much closer to what i was searching for.

    a few things i noticed:

    1. on my theme (elegant design – simplepress) the homepage pushes the social bar into the content. the rest of the pages and posts positions correctly per what i set.

    2. other social plugins use [shortcode] so we can place only on pages we want, where we want as well as an to place on pages / posts to prevent the social bar from displaying.

    3. even if i shut off displaying on homepage, because i have excepts from other pages, it rips up the homepage by trying to put the social bar in all the little excerpts.

    i’m hoping you might have ideas and work around for my homepage situation and i’m hoping you may consider some of the above in future releases.

    thanks kunal!


    • Hi Kellie,

      Thanks for using the plugin. I didn’t quite understand the first point. I did visit your site and checked the blog, I didnt see anything wrong. If you send me the screenshots then I would be in better position to resolve the issue.

      Also I am adding some new features to the plugin.
      1. Shortcode [tfg_social_share] which can be inserted as text in post or pages.
      2. you can add a custom field (disable_social_share) to any post or page with value “yes” and the plugin will be disabled for that particular page or post.

      Also there are couple of other bugs which need to be fixed. This will all be released by end of this week.

      If you drop me an email searchtechword [at] gmail . com then I would be more than happy to help you.

  • Great plug-in. I appreciate all the config help in these comments, too.

  • Great plugin – thanks!
    But I have a small problem with the facebook button.
    In my language (danish) “Like” translates to “Synes godt om” and this makes the FB and G+1 button overlap !
    I would like to be able to change the position of the buttons, moving facebook to the right, would probably solve my problem.
    Any suggestions ?

    thanx Kunal C

    • Hi Jacob,
      I am aware of the facebook like issue in Danish lang. In the new release I have added a option of adjusting the width of individual buttons. This new version will be released this weekend. So please bear with me till then.. Also many new features are added in the new version. All will be released this weekend..

  • Great plugin! It sounds like you’re already adding some of the features I was going to mention, like changing the order of the buttons or the spacing.

    I did want to mention that it seems like the Facebook Like is not working right now. I actually found your plugin because I was searching for a new FB Like plugin because my other one stopped working. Now I’m not sure if it’s a Facebook issue, my site (although it’s happening on another site I have as well), or a plugin issue. Can you help at all? Thanks!

    • Hi Tara, Thanks for downloading the plugin. I did hear few people mentioning about facebook like issue. Are you using any cache plugin for your site? If thats the case then try clearing the cache data and see if that helps. Couple of them managed to resolve it by doing that.

      • Hi

        Love the plugin, but the FB button is also not working for me. I have tried clearing my browser cache, but still no go…

        Any other ideas?

        • Ignore this… It’s working!

          It was only because I have already Liked my own page 🙂

  • Kunal,

    Thanks for thinking this through and creating a very useful plugin. Thanks also for the active comment section. I learned here that my old and custom theme was missing the code . I added it and the plugin started to work fully. So, thanks for that.
    I see that you have positioned your buttons on the left, which I did also. You might have already considered moving it to the left about 37 pixels. As I see it the button bar is centered on your site border and really encroaches on the page content, although it does not overlap. Have you found this positioning the most effective?

  • Heyhooo 🙂

    Thanks for this plugin, – i got a lot plugins for social stuff which could be deleted if i would take yours. I would really prefare yours as “all in one”, – if, – if you can add the option “Flattr”. Flattr is a micropayment sharing tool for blogs. Needet in european blogs… 🙂

    so far, have good days,

  • Hi, thank you for your plugin. Very crisp, clear and professional.

    However the issue I have is that the FB like button is not working properly. When users click like it doesn’t show up on their FB feed nor does the like counter increase.

    I do not have any cache plugins running.

  • Hi, I’m back again, managed to ‘fix it’. Above you mentioned other FB plugins clashing with this one, the only one I had was deactivated but it still prevented your plugin from working.

    So if anybody else is reading, if FB Like function isn’t working and you have other FB plugins deactivated try deleting them too.

    Thanks for awesome plugin and it’s great to see a WP developer dedicating more time to providing support.

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