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How To Do Keyword Research And Build Site Structure Using Google Wonder Wheel

Google Wonder Wheel is not something new introduced by Google but is hidden tool in Google search since 2009. I bet very few people must have used this wonderful tool before to its full potential. For those unaware of this tool, it’s a brilliant tool by Google which displays semantic relationship between keywords in a graphical form (similar to what we do in mind mapping). The related keywords are displayed with your search term as the core and each surrounding keyword can be explored individually leading to multi-level relationship. This tool can be used effectively to build your site structure, identify keywords for your site and also come up with new ideas to write posts.

How do you enable Google Wonder Wheel?

Whenever you search for any term in Google, on the left hand side you have various options like Images, Videos and so on. At the bottom of left hand side, you will have More Search Tools. Click on that and you will find the Wonder Wheel option displayed on left hand side.

If the left hand side options are not enabled then on the top before the results, click on Show Options. This should display the extra options for your search on left hand sidebar.

How Google Wonder Wheel helps in building Site Structure

In my earlier post about future of search, I had talked about how difficult it was to find information about Isle of Wight transport, maps and hotels. So I will use the same example, as if someone is going to build a website which will combine all the information about this famous tourist destination. To start with, you need to first establish a Site structure based on your keyword Isle of Wight.
The Wonder Wheel tool gives me the following options.
Keyword analysis and build site structure using Google Wonder Wheel

Build Site Structure Using Google Wonder Wheel

So this should give you an hint of different categories or pages your site should have. If you click on each suggestion, that will expand into internal categories. This should give you a fair amount of Idea what site structure you should be aiming at.

Keyword analysis using Google Wonder Wheel

So now that we know what should be the site structure, we should focus on various possible keywords you should be using for your site for search engine optimisation. Say you are currently focusing on Hotels in Isle of Wight. So if you click on Isle of Wight Hotels, it will expand to give you various semantically related keywords.
Keyword analysis and build Site Structure using Google Wonder Wheel tool
Keyword Analysis Using Google Wonder Wheel Tool

This will give you a fair amount of idea about what people will be searching for when they want to look for Hotels in Isle of Wight. Aren’t you surprise with the various keywords it has prompted you related to Isle of Wight Hotels? You would have never focused on keywords like Isle of Wight Hotels with freshwater, pools, apartments, spa hotels.

But this does not give you the traffic related information for these keywords, whether its high or low value keyword and how many impression those keywords have each month. For that you need some professional keyword tracking tool like Market Samurai or Wordtracker.

Apart from giving you hints for site structure and keywords, it is also useful to come up with new ideas for writing posts on your site. So if you are stuck with ideas for your blogs, it gives you a kind of mind map to pick up new relevant topics for your site.

Have fun playing around this wonderful tool which is always hidden in Google search. Really wonder why Google has hidden this efficient search tool from users.

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