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Apple iPad 2 launched- Whats new?

Finally, the wait is over. Apple Ipad 2 has been launched amidst much anticipation and hype surrounding the new features that the upgrade will bring. Any surprises..Not really!! Yes, Apple has made few additions but at the same time made sure they have enough up their sleeves for enticing customers for iPad3, when it is launched in 2012. Apple seems to be releasing the features in installments to keep the exciting in the products alive.

Apple iPad 2 Launched, new features and specifications of iPad 2
Is Apple iPad 2 really worth the money spend?

To start off, Apple made iPad2 33% thinner and 15% lighter and promoted saying it makes it easier to hold and use for a longer periods of time. Really? I personally feel its just 15% reduction in weight.

As anticipated and much speculated, iPad 2 has 2 cameras, one in the front to facilitate “Facetime”, Apple version of video calling and one on the back for HD recording.

Apple ipad 2 specifications and features
New Features and Specifications of iPad 2

It boasts of a powerful 1 Ghz dual core A5 processor to improve multitasking and claims further 9x improved graphics to deliver high quality performance for game and video enthusiasts.

And yes for those complaining about the average battery life on the earlier iPad, iPad2 boasts of an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours, subject to usage.

And to top it all, there are ever increasing number of apps on apple store, now apparently around 65000 specially designed apps for iPad.

These features seem enough to tempt millions of Apple loyalists and crazy fans to get one. But the real question is whether this is enough for the buyers to part with their hard earned money of about $500 (£499.00 in the UK)? Will there be iPad 3 in a few months’ time as being speculated? Will Apple just add another feature like retina display with better camera spec to the next version, when rivals are offering much better value for money?

Photo courtesy : Apple

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