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Which is better? WordPress Or New Google Blogger

Google has announced a new modern next-generation user interface for Blogger in 2011. They have promised better interface for users with modern web technology and most importantly it is developed using Google Web Tool Kit. In a short video released by Blogger, they display some of the new features being introduced in the new version. After looking at the screenshots for the new Blogger, I believe they are trying to match the user interface provided by WordPress.

Below is the WordPress layout of their current Dashboard.

Below is the Dashboard look for all new Blogger to be released in 2011.

Comparing the two Dashboards, the current WordPress dashboard is more complete and organised. It gives a complete picture and current state of your blog. Number of posts, pages, comments, statistics, Incoming links to your blog, Quick Press and many more widgets. And more importantly WordPress are currently Live with all these functionalities in their dashboard; A step ahead of Blogger.

The other new features being introduced in Blogger are Mobile Templates and Smart Content Discovery. Not much has been mentioned about the Smart Content Discovery feature and from the early images it looks more like a related post search on web and not just limited to your blog.

According to Google, these are just couple of new features they are allowed to talk about at the moment. So be prepared for more surprises from Google with whole new change in outlook of Blogger surpassing the WordPress features.

Comparison of WordPress and Blogger 2011

The detailed comparison of the two most popular blogging service is not the intention here but will try to highlight few major comparison factors below.

  • The most important factor for any blog is the layout and appearance of it. WordPress provides more than 112 themes to enhance the layout of your blog. But choosing the right theme is more often a challenging task. Also very limited customisation is allowed to the themes like changing the header image and color. But if you want to change the CSS style then you need to purchase the premium version of it.
  • Blogger on the other hand has recently introduced a feature called Template Designer which allows you to play around with different templates and color combinations at the click of mouse. This gives more flexibility over choosing the color combination and layout of your site.
  • Import of blogs from other services plays an important role in switching over the services. WordPress has an upper hand in this case. It allows you to import from Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, or an existing WordPress blog. Whereas Blogger allows you to import only from another blogspot.
  • Vast range of sidebar widgets are available in case of WordPress. Twitter, Vodpod videos, Flickr, Meebo,del.icio.us,Gravatar, Top Posts and Pages, Top Rated, Top Clicks, Box.net file sharing and custom menu are some of the available widgets in WordPress. Definitely far more than provided by Blogger. But the Blogger Stats Plugin is more advanced than the one provided by WordPress.


To learn more about WordPress Features.

More information about Blogger and upcoming new features can be found here.


So which is better? WordPress or Blogger

At the moment, WordPress has an upper hand as far as features and overall flexibility of the blog is considered. But once the new Blogger is released this year, it will be difficult to choose one above the other. Both the bloggers will try to match the features of each other. At the end of the day, very few people will switch their existing blog from one service provider to another. So all the efforts by both of this big players are to retain and satisfy their existing users. Its all about building a brand value and popularity among masses. But really wonder why none of them have focused on adding meta information for SEO in new post or pages. Will have to wait and see who takes the first step.

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  • Edi Ablavsky

    I’m trying to create a blog for a class assignment and have been debating whether to use blogger or wordpress. Your article gives me exactly what I need to know. Thanks!

    • Thanks Edi for the kind words. Good luck with your new blog.

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