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The All New Google Caffeine algorithm

Has your Site disappeared from first few pages of google search? Or is it your site now appearing at the top of search results? We all must have observed the change in recent past related to the google search results. Thanks to the introduction of a brand new algorithm used by google to index web pages called Google Caffeine. This was fully implemented in October 2010.


Why Google Caffeine was introduced?

  1. Web contents are blossoming not only in size but are getting more complex with the advent of images, videos, news and real-time updates.
  2. Expectations of the publishers and the readers are increasing when it comes to speed and quality of search results. Publishers want to get their contents displayed in search at Real-time and readers want more relevant information in the result.
  3. To minimise the effect of Black Hat SEO or spam indexing, which uses methods like keyword stuffing, article spinning and link farms.

To meet the above requirements and keep in pace with the future, Matt Cutts came up with the new Google Caffeine. The picture below reflects how Caffeine works against the traditional layered Indexing method.

Google Caffeine after effects on your website page rank

Source: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/our-new-search-index-caffeine.html


The old indexing method used layered approach for indexing and not all layers of index were refreshed at same time. The frequency of update for each layer differed and the main layer usually was updated after two weeks. So there was a considerable delay in when your page was published and it showed in the search results.

How does Google Caffeine works?

  1. Google caffeine is live. Recent updates will be shown in search quicker than before. Indexes are real time and does not follow the old layered indexing method. Whenever a new page is published, the indexes are updated on a continuous basis, globally. Hence the time delay between the page is published and actually displayed in search results is decreased considerably.
  2. Caffeine is robust enough to Index pages on an enormous scale. This enables to build a faster and comprehensive search engine that caters the ever increasing data on web. More importantly, from readers perspective, relevant quality search results will be displayed.
  3. The “relevance” of the links to your site take precedence over the number of links. Also the age of the link plays important factor in page ranking. So more stable links from known relevant site will fetch you higher position in the results.

You must have already observed the difference in the way search results are displayed in different categories. News article at the top, Videos, Trusted Sources, Real-time updates and Images. Then followed by list of other search results. This is part of the Google Caffeine project to optimise the search results categorically.

The old traditional way now used by Site builders for SEO wont work effectively with this new alogrithm in place. People need to rework their optimization technique in order to fetch higher position is search results. New algorithm will definitely give hard time to spam indexers but I am sure they will come with something innovative to “Decaffeinate” the algorithm.

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